Hight quality decorative plaster made out of various colors of marble grain in paste, made for finishing touches on interior and exterior walls.

Made in 1,5mm granulation.

Applied to all kinds of finely processed base constructions such as fiber-cement and plaster-cardboard panels, mineral plasters with smooth structure and on construction glue FASADA and like finishing plaster in facade thermo-isolating systems. Plaster is extremely waterproof, constant and resistant in all climate and atmospheric conditions.

PREPARATION: mix well and if needed dilute with DS base.

APPLICATION AND INSTALLATION: It's hand applied with steel smoother, than the excess is removed and after that the applied material is smoothed and leveled, to eliminate the empty spaces between the grains.

OPTIMAL WORKING TEMPERATURE: from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius

It's not recommended to apply the material during bright sun, rainfall, fog or strong winds. Drying time depends on the external conditions (temperature and humidity).

SHADES: KULIR FACADE is made in 12 color combinations.

CONSUMPTION: 2,5 to 3,0 kg/m2

PACKAGE: 25kg PVC bucket